[Xcb] Xserver formal verification

William DUCK guillaume.fortaine at wanadoo.fr
Fri Aug 25 18:58:09 PDT 2006

 Hello Misters,

As you are xserver experts, I am
 asking your help.

 I am attempting to build up a team.

 I believe it's time for a full-fledge verified OS.

The graphic part is essential nowadays.

If somebody is interested in functional programming and in formal methods to 
help to implement an xserver with the XHSB protocol, he is welcome :)

Here is an example of a protocol formalisation :

network stack :

If you want to contact me, my mail is guillaume_dot_fortaine_at_wanadoo_dot_fr

I will set up a mailing-list, a web server, a wiki and an IRC

Best Regards,

                          Guillaume FORTAINE 

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