[Xcb] Status of XCB and howto begin

Jamey Sharp jamey at minilop.net
Sun Feb 5 17:05:30 PST 2006

On Sun, Feb 05, 2006 at 07:01:12PM +0100, Alexander Botero wrote:
> And many thanks for your (all) help.  I managed to compile xcb with success,


> but have still a few minor problems.

Less good. ;-)

> I can compile all the demos and tests in .../xcb-demo.  It shows no
> compilation errors.  But when running the programs, they just print a lot of
> garbage on the terminal window and exit with a segmentation fault.
> $ ./xcb-test
>  u0409A1\uffff]Ð\uffff\uffff\uffff\uffff\uffff\uffffU\uffff\uffffW\uffff}\uffffVS.....
> ogg=01;35:*.mp3=01;35:*.wav=01;35:GNOME_KEYRING_SOCKET=/tmp/keyring-8N7MZv
> PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/bin/X11:/usr
> /Segmentation fault

Wow, that is mystifying. I can't imagine what would output parts of your
environment and other garbage like that. For reference, I've included
sample output of the xcb-test program at the end of this mail. I
collected that output after first recompiling libXCB and xcb-test from
CVS HEAD, so hopefully you and I have built this stuff exactly the same
way. I also tested using both GCC 3.4 and GCC 4.0.

Did you get any warnings during the compile, besides the deprecation
warnings in xcb_util.c?

Would you run one of these apps in gdb and get a backtrace from the
point where the segfault occurs?

Thanks for your feedback!

~/cvs/freedesktop.org/xcb/xcb-demo$ ./xcb-test
Geometry for window 0x00000041: 1400x1050+0+0
Geometry for window 0x02a00000: 150x150+5+23
Event ConfigureNotify following seqnum 6.
Event ReparentNotify following seqnum 6.
Event ConfigureNotify following seqnum 6.
Event ConfigureNotify following seqnum 6 (from SendEvent).
Event MapNotify following seqnum 6.
Event Expose following seqnum 6.
Window 0x02a00000 has parent 0x00a70375, root 0x00000041, and 0 children.
Geometry for window 0x00a70375: 160x178+0+49
Window 0x00a70375 has parent 0x00000041, root 0x00000041, and 1 children:
    window 0x02a00000
Window 0x02a00000 has attributes:
    backingStore       = 2
    visualID           = 0x23
    class              = 1
    bitGravity         = 0
    winGravity         = 1
    backingBitPlanes   = 0xffffffff
    backingPixel       = 0
    saveUnder          = 0
    mapInstalled       = 1
    mapState           = 2
    override           = 0
    colormap           = 0x00000020
    allEventMasks      = 0x00e28038
    yourEventMask      = 0x00028038
    doNotPropagateMask = 0x00000004
Event EnterNotify following seqnum 12.
Event ButtonRelease following seqnum 12.
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