[Xcb] keysymdef.h

Ian Osgood iano at quirkster.com
Wed Nov 8 08:57:34 PST 2006

On Nov 7, 2006, at 11:25 PM, Vincent Torri wrote:

> Hey,
> as we don't rely on X.h anymore, I suppose that we also don't rely  
> on keysymdef.h. Shouldn't we provide an equivalent file for keysym  
> codes ?
> Vincent

The keysym utility library does rely on <X11/keysymdef.h>, as does  
pretty much anything that uses it.

Why bother with an equivalent file? It doesn't have any other  
dependencies, and it would just be another duplication of code to  

I feel the same about the set of standard atoms. I think it was  
unwise to duplicate them for util/atom. Better would be to split  
these into two separate packages that could be installed underneath  
either libX11 or libxcb.


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