[Xcb] evas works !

Jamey Sharp jamey at minilop.net
Sat Oct 7 16:01:53 PDT 2006

Hi Vincent! I'm glad to hear the evas changes went well.

On Wed, Oct 04, 2006 at 08:53:27PM +0200, Vincent Torri wrote:
> During that port, I've seen some problems with the conversion tool. See 
> the comments of the commit

The API conversion tool recognizes function names by noticing that
they're followed by '('. The cases you saw where it added '_t' and
shouldn't have, occurred because that assumption wasn't true. It's
basically always correct in compiled code, but comments and other plain
text certainly require inspection after you run the script over them. In
fact I strongly recommend inspecting the converted code too.

> I wanted to port cairo, but the problem is the compilation of xcb_reply. 
> (cairo uses the util libs). Jamey, if you can fix that, that would be 
> great :) (I have no idea on how to fix it)

Fixed now, sorry. :-) And I'll be able to look at Ian's patch for cairo
real soon now, I hope.

> I've remarked that CIA does not report commits (in the new repositories) 
> on IRC. Does someone know how to fix that ?

Josh told me that somebody has to e-mail the guy who runs CIA and ask
him to update a list somewhere. In the meantime the IRC messages do
appear in the #commits channel, if you don't mind being overwhelmed by
commits from a ton of other projects too. :-)

> Finally, any ideas when RC2 will be released (what needs to be done, for 
> example) ?

Today, I hope. :-) We're down to bumping package version numbers and
writing release notes, I think.

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