[Xcb] [ANNOUNCE] libX11 1.1 RC1 (

Josh Triplett josh at freedesktop.org
Sat Oct 7 22:19:38 PDT 2006

GIT tags: libX11-1.1-RC1, libX11-

MD5: c7478cff2fe70f56a4f0ac503a0900df
SHA1: 6f6a2c05359c557207c49a2ddfec53a54c6a8610

MD5: 122f2c549296df4ae8f0301442ad8bb4
SHA1: 9b265f3d378f280af6720c04f2232c6ebdd39d96

This release includes the Xlib/XCB work, which uses XCB as the Xlib
transport layer, and allows a client to use both Xlib and XCB on the
same connection. This allows clients to transition from Xlib to XCB

Clients which link only to libX11, and do not use XCB, should not notice
any differences in this release.  Clients desiring XCB interoperability
should additionally #include <X11/Xlib-xcb.h>, link to libX11-xcb, use
XGetXCBConnection(dpy) to obtain the underlying XCB connection, and then
use XCB functions directly on that connection.

Note that while a client can issue requests and handle their replies or
errors with either Xlib or XCB, only one can own and handle the event
queue.  By default, Xlib must own the event queue, for compatibility
with legacy Xlib clients.  Clients can use the function
XSetEventQueueOwner immediately after XOpenDisplay to let XCB own the
event queue instead.  Clients may not call this function after
processing any responses, as this will potentially lose responses.

We expect to have an RC2 release corresponding to the Xorg RC2 schedule,
which should include additional internal architecture enhancements, but
no user-visible changes.  1.0 final should match RC2.

Note: Mesa currently has a bug in which it calls UnlockDisplay twice
without an intervening LockDisplay. This triggers an assertion in
Xlib/XCB designed to catch such locking bugs. As a result, if you run
versions of Mesa with this bug on top of Xlib/XCB, you will encounter
this assertion. Please upgrade to a version of Mesa with this bug fixed,
or apply the patch in the bugreport, or ask your distribution to do so.

Other smaller changes in this release:
* correct ChangeLog generation
* support running lint and sparse
* Autoconf 2.60
* fix man page for XUrgencyHint
* improve man pages for XGrabButton, XGrabKey, XGetWindowProperty
* new locales: as_IN.UTF-8, kn_IN.UTF-8, ml_IN.UTF-8, or_IN.UTF-8,
  te_IN.UTF-8, ur_IN.UTF-8
* on systems with both UNIXCONN and LOCALCONN, try unix if local fails
* fix sparse warnings
* ansify static functions

-- Josh Triplett <josh at freedesktop.org>, Jamey Sharp <jamey at minilop.net>
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