[Xcb] Re: [ANNOUNCE] libX11 1.1 RC1 (

Brian Paul brian.paul at tungstengraphics.com
Mon Oct 9 07:58:46 PDT 2006

Josh Triplett wrote:

> Note: Mesa currently has a bug in which it calls UnlockDisplay twice
> without an intervening LockDisplay. This triggers an assertion in
> Xlib/XCB designed to catch such locking bugs. As a result, if you run
> versions of Mesa with this bug on top of Xlib/XCB, you will encounter
> this assertion. Please upgrade to a version of Mesa with this bug fixed,
> or apply the patch in the bugreport, or ask your distribution to do so.
> 	https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8521

I've fixed this in Mesa CVS.


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