[Xcb] Anyone ever used "XCBRenderCompositeGlyphs"

Yang JianJun supermaper at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 05:06:10 PDT 2006

hi lan,
I have checked out the latest git sources. Referring to the implementation
XRenderCompositeString8 in libXrender, I try to implement
simply, but it does not work well.

typedef struct {
 uint8_t  len;
 uint8_t  pad1;
 uint16_t pad2;
 int16_t   deltax;
 int16_t   deltay;
} xGlyphElt;
xcb_render_composite_string_8 (xcb_connection_t     *dpy,
    int      op,
    xcb_render_picture_t     src,
    xcb_render_picture_t     dst,
    const xcb_render_pictformat_t  mask_format,
    xcb_render_glyphset_t     glyphset,
    int      src_x,
    int      src_y,
    int      xDst,
    int      yDst,
    const char     *string, /* a list of xcb_render_glyph_t */
    int      nchar) /* number of xcb_render_glyph_t */
 int    nbytes;
 xGlyphElt *elt;
  if (nchar)
  nbytes = (nchar + sizeof(xGlyphElt) + 3) & ~3;
  elt = (xGlyphElt *)malloc(nbytes);
  elt->len = nchar;
  elt->deltax = xDst;
  elt->deltay = yDst;
  memcpy ((char *) (elt + 1), string, nchar);
 xcb_render_composite_glyphs_8  (dpy,op,src,dst,mask_format,glyphset,
     src_x,src_y,nbytes,(uint8_t *)elt);

I think the problem is how to convert a list of xcb_render_glyph_t to an
array  of bytes(glyphcmds).
Any suggestion to this will be of great help.


On 10/11/06, Ian Osgood <iano at quirkster.com> wrote:
> On Oct 11, 2006, at 2:29 AM, Yang JianJun wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > Has anyone ever used "XCBRenderCompositeGlyphs"? and how to convert
> > XCBRenderGLYPH list to XCBRenderGLYPHITEM8 when rendering the
> > glyphs. I am porting XRenderCompositeString to XCB. Thanks in advance.
> First, we recently changed the naming convention for XCB 1.0 RC1, so
> the requests are now called xcb_render_composite_glyphs_8/16/32.
> Second, we discovered that our XML code generation could not
> correctly support all the types of glyphs, so the parameters to these
> functions have changed from a list of GLYPH unions to simply an array
> of bytes. However, this leaves it up to the caller to convert the
> list of glyphs correctly.
> Third, the function you are porting belongs in the xcb/util/
> renderutil library, named xcb_renderutil_composite_string_8.  A
> useful starting point would be the implementation in the libXrender
> library found here:
>   http://gitweb.freedesktop.org/?p=xorg/lib/libXrender.git;f=src/
> Glyph.c;a=blob
> I encourage you to work from the latest git sources.  You can find
> information on working with our anonymous repositories here:
>   http://xcb.freedesktop.org/wiki/DevelopersGuide
> Sorry if this means more work for you.
> Ian
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