[Xcb] X11/XCB/xcb.h

Hope Duryea hope_duryea at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 28 14:09:56 PDT 2006


I'm trying to build xcb-util, and atoms.gperf has a
#include <X11/XCB/xcb.h>, which I don't have. I do
have an xcb.h from the libxcb sources, which installs
into /usr/include/xcb, so I tried modifying the
include statement to see if that was the one it
actually wanted, but it looks like that's not it,
since the compile fails with the same errors (well,
except for the "No such file.." one). Where can I get
the xcb.h that goes in /usr/include/X11/XCB? I tried
searching the web and found references to it, but
nothing that said where I could get it.


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