[Xcb] porting Xft and pango to XCB

Yang JianJun supermaper at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 17:11:47 PST 2006

  According to all the suggestions above,i plan to accomplish the following

* drop the dependency on an external libpixman. Instead, incorporate the
code from libpixregion needed for xft into the xft source tree.

* migrate to work on freedesktop.org.

* avoid duplicating the code of every source file in Xft, actually some
source files dont need change(xftxlfd.c, xftstr.c, xftname.c, xftdbg.c,

* rename the functions which use different parameter types than the X
functions in Xft,following the new XCB conventions.
* finish the equivalent functionality to XGetDefault in xft-xcb.


On 10/28/06, Ian Osgood <iano at quirkster.com> wrote:
> ---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
> From: "Yang JianJun" <supermaper at gmail.com>
> Date:  Fri, 27 Oct 2006 14:50:57 +0800
> >hi,all
> >        I have ported libXft and Pango to XCB backend, It works well now.
> >For some reasons I picked Pango-1.8 which use Xft for rendering instead
> of
> >cairo. I removed pangox backend in pango, just use pangoxft which build
> >directly on the lates XCB.
> >        The default backend of libXft is X11 ,the configure option is
> >"--enable-xcb" if you want to use the XCB backend.The same as xft, pango
> >also use "--enable-xcb" to enable pangoxft to build on XCB. In addition,
> >some Xlib functions in Xft have not ported yet,includes XGetDefault and
> >XRenderQuerySubpixelOrder. I just hard-code the default values.
> >        All my work is available from
> >http://svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/gtk-xcb/. Have a look at that and let
> me
> >know if you have more questions.
> >        Any suggestion is welcome, thanks!
> >
> >--jianjun
> Excellent work! I'm glad you could put my composite_text functions to use.
> XGetDefault requires using the XResource extension and perhaps putting a
> utility
> library on top of it, something like Xlib's resource manager. I'm not sure
> how much
> work we should put into this. Aren't XResource style settings being
> replaced with
> better mechanisms?
> QuerySubPixelOrder is just an accessor to the QueryPictFormats reply. See:
> xcb_render_util_query_formats(c)
> xcb_render_query_pict_formats_subpixels_iterator()
> The subpixels iterator is indexed by screen number. (Note, this requires
> Render
> version 6 or later; you seem to be checking for version 3.)
> Could you indicate which source files in Xft you had to modify (if any)
> for XCB?
> Alternatively, rebuild your SVN repository so the history starts with your
> starting
> version of Xft.
> I also encourage you to register with Freedesktop so you can integrate
> your work
> into the main libXft repository on freedesktop.org.  Next steps would be
> to figure
> out how to avoid duplicating the code of every source file in Xft, since
> duplicated
> code leads to maintenance headaches. It should also be possible to merge
> all the
> xft_render_composite_textN functions into XftGlyphSpecRender to avoid code
> duplication.
> Also, the XCB functions should have different names than the X functions,
> since
> they are using different parameter types (connections vs. Display, for
> example).
> Perhaps follow the new XCB conventions: xcb_ft_glyph_spec_render, for
> example.
> Ian
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