[Xcb] can't figure out how to make an opengl based application

JEANNOT David djeannot24 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 16:49:50 PDT 2006


- making my opengl based application "the good XCB way" suppose I must use include/X11/XCB/glx.h & lib/libXCBglx.so instead of include/GL/glx.h & lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.so ? (if yes, the function "glXQueryExtension" does not seem to have a XCB equivalent)

- I think "xcb glx" cannot run, at this moment, with closed gpu drivers (like NVidious), but is it working with mesa ? if yes, how (-> mesa's libGL.so is linked to libX11.so... I'm very confused) ?

- finally, is the fact of using the Xlib/XCB interface give the same multithreading advantage that a native XCB port (eg: no need to use XInitThreads, XLockDisplay, XUnlockDisplay) ?

Thank You, david

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