[Xcb] can't figure out how to make an opengl based application

Jamey Sharp jamey at minilop.net
Fri Sep 22 01:18:31 PDT 2006

On Fri, Sep 15, 2006 at 01:49:50AM +0200, JEANNOT David wrote:
> Hi,

Hi! Sorry for taking so long to reply.

> - making my opengl based application "the good XCB way" suppose I must
> use include/X11/XCB/glx.h & lib/libXCBglx.so instead of
> include/GL/glx.h & lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.so ? (if yes,
> the function "glXQueryExtension" does not seem to have a XCB
> equivalent)

You probably don't want to use GLX directly: you won't get direct
rendering and you'll have to do a fair bit of work to get the right
requests issued.

Jeremy Kolb had a large part of Mesa ported to Xlib/XCB, which would
allow both Xlib and XCB applications to link against one Mesa library,
and the XCB apps could run purely native XCB.

> - I think "xcb glx" cannot run, at this moment, with closed gpu
> drivers (like NVidious), but is it working with mesa ? if yes, how (->
> mesa's libGL.so is linked to libX11.so... I'm very confused) ?

I think you're right: since the proprietary graphics vendors ship
replacement libGL.so libraries, any improvements we make in the open
source one (such as the XCB port) will probably take a long time to be

> - finally, is the fact of using the Xlib/XCB interface give the same
> multithreading advantage that a native XCB port (eg: no need to use
> XInitThreads, XLockDisplay, XUnlockDisplay) ?

Sadly, no. Xlib is basically hopeless on that count.

Hope that helps,
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