[Xcb] how to use xcb_glx_get_fb_configs_property_list?

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Fri Dec 21 18:42:29 PST 2007

In message <200712220046.03806.adz21c at googlemail.com> you wrote:
> I have just been experimenting with xcb. I just started
> looking at xcb_glx and got stuck :-(. I got an
> xcb_glx_get_fb_configs_reply_t which appears to work fine
> with xcb_glx_get_fb_configs_property_list. I don't know how
> to use the returned list though as I can't find
> documentation to explain the structure.  Judging from a
> previous post I read I would assume it returns the
> attributes for an fbconfigs (much like glXGetFBConfigAttrib
> ... just it gets them for all 140 fbconfigs ... so
> xcb_glx_get_fb_configs_reply_t.num_FB_configs says).  I'd
> appreciate a nudge in the right direction.

I know very little about GLX, but I'm guessing the folks
here who do are all off list on vacation or something, so
here's what I can figure out...

It looks like the get_fb_configs_reply should be passed to
get_fb_configs_property_list to actually extract the
property list data.  The properties seem to just be of type
uint32_t, so you should be able to just say something
generic like

   uint32_t *props = xcb_glx_get_fb_configs_property_list(reply);
   uint32_t n = xcb_glx_get_fb_configs_property_list_length(reply);
   uint32_t i;
   for (i = 0; i < n; i++)

Actually, I'm not so sure that properties aren't supposed to
be xcb_glx_bool32_t.  Also, I don't see any obvious way to
construct an initial iterator for the properties---there's
an end iterator, but no obvious initial or next iterator.
Maybe somebody could look at the GLX spec and see that
everything is good here and I'm just confused?


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