[Xcb] Merge xcb email list with xorg list?

Vincent Torri vtorri at univ-evry.fr
Mon Feb 26 00:11:42 PST 2007


maybe I'm the only one who has subsribed to the ML of XCB and not to the 
one of xorg :)

I like the XCB ML because it's low traffic and specific to XCB. Having XCB 
ML be merged will fill my mail box with mails which I mainly don't read.

Also, in that case, the subject of the mails related to XCB might not 
mention 'xcb', which is possible. That would imply me to read all the xorg 
mails to not miss one. I already hear comments saying: it's good for you 

As I say, maybe I'm the only one who has not subscribed to the xorg ML. So 
do what you want.


On Sun, 25 Feb 2007, Barton C Massey wrote:

> Keith Packard recently suggested to me that having an xcb
> email list separate from the xorg email list is not
> necessarily a good thing: it splits traffic for no good
> reason.
> I'm receptive to the idea, but of course it should be a
> community decision.  What do folks think of a merger?  I
> suppose we'd still want a low-volume xcb-announce list for
> critical messages, but should day-to-day bug report and org
> planning kind of traffic be handled on xorg?
> Thought is greatly appreciated.
>    Bart Massey
>    Assoc. Prof. Computer Science
>    Portland State University
>    bart at cs.pdx.edu
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