[Xcb] Merge xcb email list with xorg list?

Josh Triplett josh at freedesktop.org
Mon Feb 26 01:43:26 PST 2007

Barton C Massey wrote:
> Keith Packard recently suggested to me that having an xcb
> email list separate from the xorg email list is not
> necessarily a good thing: it splits traffic for no good
> reason.
> I'm receptive to the idea, but of course it should be a
> community decision.  What do folks think of a merger?  I
> suppose we'd still want a low-volume xcb-announce list for
> critical messages, but should day-to-day bug report and org
> planning kind of traffic be handled on xorg?

I can't keep up with the xorg list, primarily because it serves as both a
development and user list, but also just due to high development traffic.
Thus, I tend to skim it quickly to keep up with interesting developments,
and not worry about missing things.

xcb, on the other hand, I normally try to follow (emphasis on the try,
sometimes, when I run short of time).  In any case, I *never* mark a message
from the xcb list as read without looking at it, which I often do on the xorg
list when I have a significant backlog.

I have no problem with cross-posting messages when appropriate.  Some sort of
cross-list whitelisting of subscribers would help here, to ensure that
cross-posted threads can always receive replies from subscribers of both lists
without breaking threading.

So: please do not merge these lists.

- Josh Triplett

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