[Xcb] xcb_parse_display and _xcb_open on Mac OS X

Antoine Latter aslatter at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 15:33:49 PDT 2008


The DISPLAY environment variable on my MacBook is
"/tmp/launch-3qqko3/:0" (which is the literal file-path in I need to
connect to).

I'm running on an Intel with OS 10.5.

xcb_parse_display and _xcb_open don't seem to be too happy about this
- xcb_parse_display dumps "/tmp/launch-3ppko3" into the protocol
field, and then _xcb_open_unix isn't happy at all about that and
doesn't connect.


xcb_parse determines that:
 host -> ""
 protocol -> "/tmp/launch-3qqko3"
 display: null pointer
 screen: 0

and so _xcb_open forwards me on to _xcb_open_unix which bounces me
because protocol is not equal to "unix".

Has anyone else run into anything like this? Should I be opening a
connection some other way?


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