[Xcb] xcb_parse_display and _xcb_open on Mac OS X

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Sat Aug 16 18:00:18 PDT 2008

Yeah, the DISPLAY variable parser really wants you to give a
format that's like Xlib's.  This is arguably a bug.  The
offending line in your case is line 130 in xcb_util.c ...

      static const char base[] = "/tmp/.X11-unix/X";
Perhaps you need to build a patch that will look for a
DISPLAY_BASE environment variable, or have MacOS-specific
conditional code for XCB, or both?


In message <694519c50808161533j2c4df632nec94df66e4aa2b at mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> The DISPLAY environment variable on my MacBook is
> "/tmp/launch-3qqko3/:0" (which is the literal file-path in I need to
> connect to).
> I'm running on an Intel with OS 10.5.
> xcb_parse_display and _xcb_open don't seem to be too happy about this
> - xcb_parse_display dumps "/tmp/launch-3ppko3" into the protocol
> field, and then _xcb_open_unix isn't happy at all about that and
> doesn't connect.
> Details:
> xcb_parse determines that:
>  host -> ""
>  protocol -> "/tmp/launch-3qqko3"
>  display: null pointer
>  screen: 0
> and so _xcb_open forwards me on to _xcb_open_unix which bounces me
> because protocol is not equal to "unix".
> Has anyone else run into anything like this? Should I be opening a
> connection some other way?
> Thanks,
> Antoine
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