[Xcb] xproto: add any modifier for key?

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Wed Aug 27 09:26:19 PDT 2008

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> At 1219202712 time_t, Barton C Massey wrote:
> > The protocol specification has both AnyButton and AnyModifier,
> > so your patch seems like the correct one rather than the
> > Xlib approach.  It's confused in the protocol by the fact
> > that the high bit in a mask is supposed to be reserved for
> > future unspecified "chaining".
> And be careful that AnyButton is not a mask, it's 0L, whereas
> AnyModifier is a mask.
> AnyModifier in XCB is XCB_BUTTON_MASK_ANY and my patch add XCB_MOD_MASK_ANY
> as an identical mask and value.
> > I'm not quite sure whether the protocol names should have
> > been mangled in this way in the first place, though: it
> > seems like XCB_ANY_MODIFIER and XCB_ANYBUTTON or somesuch
> > would be better?  Can someone comment on what they think of
> > all that?
> IMHO, XCB_BUTTON_MASK_ANY should not exist and XCB_MOD_MASK_ANY should.
> But having both can't harm.
> I'll push that unless someone stop me in the next hours.

I need to look at the protocol spec again to understand what
the right thing to do with AnyButton is; Xlib seems a bit
confused here.

Thanks much for the patches!


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