[Xcb] [Bug 18939] Useless xcb_lookup_t in xcb_keysyms.h

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Mon Dec 8 14:31:06 PST 2008


--- Comment #5 from Sean Bartell <wingedtachikoma at gmail.com>  2008-12-08 14:31:06 PST ---
The problem is that it isn't actually a parameter for anything in xcb-keysym.
The col parameters are supposed to be ints, they correspond to the last
parameters of XKeycodeToKeysym and XLookupKeysym and they indicate which column
of the keysym table to use.

The xcb_lookup_t/xcb_key_lookup_t is just some dead, useless code originally
added by someone who couldn't figure out what the col parameter was for (I
don't blame them, I couldn't figure it out for a while either). They just
copied over some relevant-looking constants from Xlib in the hope that they
would be useful, but the constants were actually for something else

Sorry if I'm being completely confusing:).

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