[Xcb] [Bug 19157] After RPATH removal `make check' fails

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Thu Dec 18 12:24:48 PST 2008


Bart Massey <x at po8.org> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Bart Massey <x at po8.org>  2008-12-18 12:24:47 PST ---
As near as I can tell, this use of -rpath is the result of stuff automatically
incorporated into aclocal.m4 by aclocal rather than the result of any explicit
action by the XCB config.  If my diagnosis is correct, then fixing autotools to
not do that on platforms that don't want it would be a better plan than having
each autotools user work around this usage individually.

I'm marking it NOTOURBUG for now, but I'd be willing to be persuaded otherwise
if I'm just confused here.

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