[Xcb] [Bug 19157] After RPATH removal `make check' fails

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Thu Dec 18 17:15:26 PST 2008


--- Comment #4 from galtgendo at o2.pl  2008-12-18 17:15:25 PST ---
Frankly, AFAIK, that resolution is incorrect.
The correct one is NOTABUG.

Why ? Well, lets think for a moment what exactly rpath does...

If rpath in the library is set to (NULL), that library
will only be useful for a program, if it's either
in one of the dirs of ld.so.conf or somewhere within

As during 'make check' library is still not installed,
it works only because rpath is set to the dir, were
the lib was built, only during install this value
is changed to the system path (and IIRC, libtool
skips adding a few standard rpaths, like i.e. /usr/lib).

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