[Xcb] [Bug 19157] After RPATH removal `make check' fails

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Fri Dec 19 00:58:39 PST 2008


--- Comment #5 from Bart Massey <x at po8.org>  2008-12-19 00:58:38 PST ---
Thanks much for the clarifying comment, galtgendo!

I think it's marginal whether this use of -rpath is a bug; it seems to me that
there's some chance of a poorly-chosen rpath leaking into the installed binary,
and some folks seem quite concerned by the security implications of that.  I'm
going to leave it NOTOURBUG for now, as that subsumes NOTABUG and I don't want
to think about it any more. :-)

However, your point is well-taken---under ordinary circumstances it's likely
there's no security issue here.

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