[Xcb] Padding in the XML protocol descriptions

Antoine Latter aslatter at gmail.com
Fri Dec 26 23:11:32 PST 2008


I'm still slowly working on a Haskell port of XCB, generated from the
xproto XML files.

After reading through xevie.xml, I realized that padding in declared
structures seems to have two meanings when used in the protocol

1) Filer - the most common case, this seems to be mostly for alignment
and protocol regularity
2) Unknown Data - In the struct xevie.Event, we have 24 bytes of
padding that are intended to carry unknown data

I only knew about the first use when writing my own processors of the
XML data, so I ignored all padding except when serializing and
deserializing structures.

Now I'm faced with muddying up all of my data types with extra fields
because I don't know when the padding is meaningful, and I need create
unique names for all of the ocurances of padding in a given data

Is there something we could use instead of padding when it's supposed
to cary meaning?  Like a char array?  The XML specs are C-focused, and
I don't know what's idiomatic for C in these cases.

Also, I've found a few places where the XML is still relying on
C-style struct alignment to put required padding into requests (with
xproto 1.3).  Should I just email those to lists?  Or file
bug-reports?  Patches?



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