[Xcb] XKB once again ...

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Sun Jan 6 09:56:07 PST 2008

This is way too cool.  Thanks much for posting it!

We need to figure out how to integrate some version of what
you've done with the other Python parser that Thomas Hunger
has written to replace the XSLT bits we're currently using.

One of the reasons so little work has been done on Xkb is
that it is hard to find apps that actually use much of it.
Bug Daniel Stone for some examples; he's the one working on
the Xkb stuff the most right now, I think.


In message <20080106.162203.432831065.mrs at localhost.localdomain> you wrote:
> Mark Seaborn <mrs at mythic-beasts.com> wrote:
> > With a few changes I have been able to get this XKB description to
> > work with my Python-based encoder/decoder
> ...
> > I found the <itemlist> element (which I haven't implemented) was not
> > necessary for GetMap/SetMap, which can be done as a series of <list>s
> > instead.  However, other parts that used <itemlist>, such as
> > SelectEvents, do not work yet.
> I have implemented <itemlist> now, and it can handle the GetNames
> reply properly.
> Does anyone know of any program that will exercise most of the XKB
> requests and replies?  I will probably leave the rest of XKB until I
> have some good test cases.
> I forgot to add before that the encoder/decoder can produce
> pretty-printed versions of each X message as well as parse trees
> showing how the message is encoded.  Examples are checked in and used
> as golden files by the test suite.  You can see them here:
> http://svn.gna.org/viewcvs/plash/scratch/x11-proxy/golden_test_data/
> Mark
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