[Xcb] XKB once again ...

Mark Seaborn mrs at mythic-beasts.com
Tue Jan 8 11:09:26 PST 2008

Barton C Massey <bart at cs.pdx.edu> wrote:

> This is way too cool.  Thanks much for posting it!
> We need to figure out how to integrate some version of what
> you've done with the other Python parser that Thomas Hunger
> has written to replace the XSLT bits we're currently using.

Yes.  My plan is to get it to a point where the protocol monitor is
fairly complete and has a reasonable interface, give it a name and do
a first release.  Then I'll have a look at synchronising the XML XCB
definitions with what's upstream.  I actually started playing around
with xproto.xml in mid-2005 with some Perl code.  I picked up the idea
two years later and started again with Python but kept the modified
xproto.xml.  So the definition has diverged a bit with padding fixes,
type definitions for <valueparam>s, etc.  Most of it will be
straightforward to merge.  The tricky bits will be the handful of
<special> tags introduced to handle special cases that are currently
implemented entirely in Python.


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