[Xcb] XKB once again ...

Peter Harris peter.harris at hummingbird.com
Tue Jan 8 12:24:28 PST 2008

Mark Seaborn wrote:
> I actually started playing around
> with xproto.xml in mid-2005 with some Perl code.  I picked up the idea
> two years later and started again with Python but kept the modified
> xproto.xml.  So the definition has diverged a bit with padding fixes,
> type definitions for <valueparam>s, etc.

It sounds like you're doing something similar to what I'm doing. I just 
recently started annotating fields with the enum that they reference, 
and have plans to make even more changes. I would prefer to avoid 
duplication of effort, though.

My changes so far are at ("gitweb" web page): 

Assuming I've found your xproto.xml correctly[1], it looks like you've 
branched from an older version of xproto.xml that does not contain as 
many enums. My current plan involves modifying some of the existing 
enums to look a lot like your 'bitfield'. I think I prefer <bit 
type="CARD32" enum="Gravity"> over <bit type="CARD32 : 0=Forget, ...">, 
but I'm not terribly picky. Perhaps we can collaborate?

I welcome any comments.

Peter Harris


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