[Xcb] About the API documentation

Vesa Paatero vpaatero at lavabit.com
Thu Jan 10 16:06:56 PST 2008


The main page at xcb.freedesktop.org says that the API is documented 
(with a link to the on-line documentation). So, I wonder why the API 
documentation doesn't mention all functions mentioned in the tutorial, 
for example there:

|xcb_poly_point, ||||xcb_poly_line, xcb_poly_rectangle, xcb_poly_arc, xcb_fill_poly, ||||xcb_map_window


|Is there some particular rason why those drawing functions and xcb_map_window are not mentioned, or is it just that the API documentation is not ready yet?|

Thank you...

Best Regards,

   Vesa Paatero

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