[Xcb] About the API documentation

Peter Harris peter.harris at hummingbird.com
Sat Jan 12 07:33:24 PST 2008

Vesa Paatero wrote:
> OK, thanks, I think I understand. I searched and found version X11R6 of 
> the protocol in www.msu.edu/~huntharo/xwin/docs/xwindows/PROTO.pdf . Is 
> that the most relevant one?

Could be; the core protocol hasn't changed much in a long time.

The most recent copy should be:

> (I also feel curious to see the protocol 
> descriptions in XML and wonder how much it might take to automatically 
> create program code from them... :-)

It doesn't take much. The XML was designed to allow easy code 
generation. libxcb uses XSLT to generate code from the XML, but I found 
it *much* faster to develop using perl and XML::Simple or XML::Twig; 
others are using python.

I initially wrote luaxcb (a Lua binding for XCB's xproto) in about three 
days, if that means anything to you.


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