[Xcb] XStringToKeysym() XCB equivalent?

Arnaud Fontaine arnaud at andesi.org
Thu Mar 13 04:37:02 PDT 2008

>>>>> "Ian" == Ian Osgood <iano at quirkster.com> writes:


    Ian> It is  a TODO item to extract that  functionality from Xlib and
    Ian>  into an  xcb/util library.   Part of  the problem  is  that it
    Ian>    depends    on     Xrm    (resource    manager)    to    read
    Ian>  /usr/lib/X11/XKeysymDB, and nobody  on the  XCB team  wants to
    Ian> touch Xrm with a ten foot pole. This is also why Xt hasn't been
    Ian> ported yet.

    Ian> The  other problem  is that it  depends on  some auto-generated
    Ian>  source  files. There  is  an  in-memory  static hash-table  of
    Ian>         standard         keysyms,        generated         from
    Ian>  xorg/proto/x11proto/keysymdef.h (and  maybe some  other vendor
    Ian> specific keysym headers).  There is a script and a tool in lib/
    Ian>  libX11/src/util/ which  takes that  header and  turns  it into
    Ian>   libX11/src/   ks_tables.h,  part   of   which   is  used   by
    Ian> XStringToKeysym().  (The order of search is the in-memory hash,
    Ian> then XKeysymDB,  then treat the string as what  appears to be a
    Ian> Unicode identifier.)

    Ian> XCB should bring keysymdef.h et  al into an XML file and do all
    Ian> the required  header, source, and DB generation  from that. And
    Ian> of course make *really* good documentation on that file format,
    Ian> since  keysyms are the  one part of  Xlib that continues  to be
    Ian> heavily modified to the present day.

Thank you  very much for  your explanation. So,  at the moment,  I don't
have any choice but to  use XStringToKeysym() which is a bit embarassing
because the  ported code will  still depend on  Xlib for this  call, but
well, I hope someone will fix  this soon because unfortunately I have no
idea how to do it myself...

Arnaud Fontaine

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