[Xcb] XStringToKeysym() XCB equivalent?

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Thu Mar 13 10:38:38 PDT 2008

In message <sa5iqzqg8ip.fsf at Orfeo.duckcorp.org> you wrote:
> Thank you  very much for  your explanation. So,  at the moment,  I don't
> have any choice but to  use XStringToKeysym() which is a bit embarassing
> because the  ported code will  still depend on  Xlib for this  call, but
> well, I hope someone will fix  this soon because unfortunately I have no
> idea how to do it myself...

I'll poke at it when I get a chance, although that probably
won't be for a couple of weeks.


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