[Xcb] patches from Arnaud Fontaine

Vincent Torri vtorri at univ-evry.fr
Thu Mar 27 04:25:09 PDT 2008


Arnaud has written the xcb port of the 'awesome' (it's its name) windows 
manager. During that port, he has found several issues in some utils 
packages and he provided some patches, without any review from the lead 
devs (I'm not a lead dev). He is waiting for them for more than a month.

Also, i would like to mention that i sent to the ML a patch for the atom 
package a while ago, with only a mail from Bart.

If the lead devs want that XCB to have success, I think they should 
consider in replying to the mails of the ML (otherwise, close that ML as 
it is currently useless).

In my case, I'm waiting 1 week to commit my patch (taking into account 
Bart's remark). I'll do the same for Arnaud's patches. During that week, 
everyone is welcome to give remarks and advices about those patches.



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