[Xcb] patches from Arnaud Fontaine

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Thu Mar 27 09:24:03 PDT 2008

I've really been waiting for Jamey, who wrote the original
window manager code, to review the window manager patches.
I guess he's not going to, being busy with the stuff he and
Josh are doing on handoffs.  Arnaud's patches looked fine to
me---they should probably just be committed.  We can always
back them out again if we need to.

Thanks for the note.


In message <Pine.LNX.4.64.0803271213460.12302 at grozny.maths.univ-evry.fr> you wrote:
> Arnaud has written the xcb port of the 'awesome' (it's its name) windows 
> manager. During that port, he has found several issues in some utils 
> packages and he provided some patches, without any review from the lead 
> devs (I'm not a lead dev). He is waiting for them for more than a month.
> Also, i would like to mention that i sent to the ML a patch for the atom 
> package a while ago, with only a mail from Bart.
> If the lead devs want that XCB to have success, I think they should 
> consider in replying to the mails of the ML (otherwise, close that ML as 
> it is currently useless).
> In my case, I'm waiting 1 week to commit my patch (taking into account 
> Bart's remark). I'll do the same for Arnaud's patches. During that week, 
> everyone is welcome to give remarks and advices about those patches.
> regards
> Vincent
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