[Xcb] [ANNOUNCE] xcb-util 0.3.1

Julien Danjou julien at danjou.info
Thu Nov 20 07:12:49 PST 2008

xcb-util 0.3.1 is now available

git tag 0.3.1

Henning Sten (2):
      introduce function xcb_atom_get (essentially a synchronous xcb_intern_atom, use it only on non-performance critical execution paths)
      add more verbose explanation of the purpose of "encoding" parameter in doxygen documentation tag

Julien Danjou (5):
      icccm: add some comment on text reply usage
      icccm: fix normal hints flags computing
      wm: link test against atom lib
      configure: stop if m4 is not found
      Release xcb-util 0.3.1

Peter Harris (1):
      more endianness patches

Ulrich Eckhardt (2):
      "Clean up" magic structure stuff for C++.
      Do not cast the return value of malloc() in modern C.

md5: 3dcdda196ba5ddfd38194cdd29bd97e9
sha1: bf3d83a68b0332e6cbc9127d278665d25ee2894c

md5: 3dcdda196ba5ddfd38194cdd29bd97e9
sha1: 1a4e6fe7aec6e846e2440393e43a83c7fe4ff7bd

Julien Danjou
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