[Xcb] no 'long double' => no python => no xcb => no X11 :(

Peter Harris pharris at opentext.com
Wed Apr 22 07:43:16 PDT 2009

Philippe De Muyter wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 10:16:11AM -0400, Peter Harris wrote:
>> Please subscribe to this list; it will reduce the chances of the
>> moderators accidentally deleting your email when cleaning out all the
>> spam. Thanks.
> Done.

Thanks again.

> Here is the end of the configure log on my machine that has python :( :

>     Requested 'xcb-proto >= 1.1' but version of XCB Proto is 1.0

You need to install a contemporary version of xcb-proto.

In theory, any version of xcb-proto should work with any version of
libxcb. In practise, new versions of xcb-proto sometimes tickle bugs in
old versions of libxcb (and new versions of libxcb sometimes depend on
protocol definitions that don't exist in old versions of xcb-proto).
You're better off if you download both libxcb and xcb-proto from the
same place at the same time.

>>> Which file do I need to copy ?
>> src/*.c, src/*.h (after running make).
> Do you by chance have those src/*.[ch] files available ?

I'm afraid not. I don't even know which version of libxcb you are using.
I wouldn't want to accidentally give you the wrong set of files.

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