[Xcb] [Bug 23325] X11 connection hangs when time/clock on the client is stepped backwards

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Sat Aug 15 12:07:16 PDT 2009


--- Comment #1 from Josh Triplett <josh at freedesktop.org>  2009-08-15 12:07:16 PST ---
A couple of clarifications:

- When you say "When the time on the client is stepped backwards", do you imply
that the X server ran on a separate system (on which time didn't go backward),
or on the same system?

- Do other X programs hang, or just xload and xterm?  For instance, xlogo, or
on the other end of the complexity spectrum some "desktop" application?

- Since I don't know the behavior of setting the clock on FreeBSD: when you
step the clock backward, do calls to nanosleep or select or similar still take
the right amount of time?  I would imagine so, but I want to make sure.

It seems highly unlikely to me that this bug would lie in XCB.  It seems more
likely that something above XCB gets confused by time going backward.  XCB
itself shouldn't care at all.

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