[Xcb] EWMH API for XCB

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Wed Dec 16 22:19:11 PST 2009

I don't recall that there's anything in the X Protocol
Specification that prevents servers from hardwiring atoms
other than the standard ones.  Just the presence of an
extension with the right version number (e.g. a sufficiently
advanced MISC extension) could indicate this.  As long as
the server correctly responds to intern_atom requests for
the hardwired atoms, you should be good.  I think apps that
find the right evidence would be well within their rights to
assume that they didn't need to intern EWMH atoms by prior
agreement, without moving to X12.  The primary benefit would
be killing one or more round trips...

I'm sure I'm confused as usual, though.


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