[Xcb] Keyboard input...

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Mon Jan 12 00:22:00 PST 2009

XCB's keyboard support is currently pretty minimal.  What
there is is mostly in xcb/util/keysyms and xcb/util/event
AFAIK.  This is enough to get keysyms from keycodes and thus
figure out what key was pressed, barely.

The idea was always to provide a higher-level library atop
XCB to handle input properly.  That library has never been
written.  Now that X's input stuff is in constant flux,
we've been kind of waiting for the dust to settle before we
looked at it again.

Any way you could help would be greatly appreciated!


In message <Z71PG.1507268 at memecode.com> you wrote:
> > I'm looking at implementing keyboard input now. Basically in xlib I used 
> > XIM to translate keyboard input into unicode and I'd like to do the same 
> > in XCB. Is there an example of using XIM and XCB? (Is it possible?)
> > 
> > If there isn't, what XCB calls to I need to call once I have a XCB key 
> > press/release?
> Ok so no-one has come forward with info on international keyboard input, so what about plain old ascii key input?
> I've found xcb_get_keyboard_mapping(), but I don't know how to use that either. Anybody able to point me towards some docs or info on X keyboard mappings or should I read the X protocol spec?
> After I satisfy my own needs (english/ascii) I would be interested in doing some work to enable proper international text input in XCB, including east asian and european input. Not sure how that will go, but if XCB is going to go anywhere at all with libs like GTK and Qt, at some point the international input problem needs to be solved? Right?
> --
> Matthew Allen

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