[Xcb] Win32 port - delayed submitting into the main tree though still alive :)

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Wed Mar 4 11:28:40 PST 2009

In message <200903040951.27432.jeetu.golani at gmail.com> you wrote:
> Yup I agree - writing a wiki would be great. I have my
> notes on everything I've done to get XCB to compile under
> windows and all the other libs (pthreads et al) that I had
> to get working too. I used all the programs in the
> tutorial to test my port against so I think we can put
> that upto. I'll work on this. Should I put this up at
> xcb.freedesktop.org or the wikipedia reference to XCB?

freedesktop.org, please.  Editing things on Wikipedia is a
bit tougher for me.  Thanks for working on this!


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