[Xcb] xcb-util compiling problems

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Tue Mar 10 23:14:20 PDT 2009

In message <bb9b47610903101505p4fd067dh79de37e82e1b00 at mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> So I've downloaded libpthread-stubs, xcb-proto, libxcb and xcb-util from
> git, and ran into this exact same issue:
> http://archive.netbsd.se/?ml=xorg&a=2009-03&m=10066387
> I've tried changing all xcb_image_format_t and xcb_image_order_t variables
> in xcb-util(aux/xcb_bitops.h, image/xcb_image.{c,h}) to uint32_t, but now
> all the switch/case pieces complain about the constants(like
> XCB_IMAGE_FORMAT_XY_BITMAP) not being reducible to constant integers.
> Is this a known issue/being worked on/already resolved issue?


You are right to point out that the recent change away from
enums broke things horribly.  As things currently stand, the
only reasonable choice to get xcb_image working again is to
change all the former enum types to uint32_t as you did, and
then to fix the Python code generator to emit #defines
instead of static const ints for the constants.

Attached is a patch that does these things.  However, I'm
not going to commit it without some discussion here.

I'm no longer convinced that we took the right road by
getting rid of the enums.  They were mostly helpful, and I
hate losing them in xcb_image.  Could someone please explain
to me again why the enums needed to die?


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