[Xcb] Predefined atoms

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Fri Nov 6 13:43:29 PST 2009

Well, I don't see how we can take a patch that includes a
British spelling... :-)

Seriously, thanks!


In message <4AF492A3.3050300 at opentext.com> you wrote:
> Barton C Massey wrote:
> > Oh yeah.  That was in my original bitch list, and then I
> > forgot to track it.  Thanks for the catch Carsten!
> > 
> > To reply to a future message XCB_ATOM_* seems fine to me.
> Please see the attached.
> By defining the atoms in xproto.xml/enum/Atom, we get XCB_ATOM_*
> definitions not only for libxcb, but also for any other projects that
> use xcb/proto. The pre-defined atoms are part of the protocol, after all.
> Instead of outright removing the old names, I've marked them
> 'deprecated'. We can perhaps remove them after a couple of releases. At
> least xcb/util/icccm, awesome, and xlsclients all currently use the old
> names from xcb/util/atom.
> Notes:
>  - altenum="Atom" used to mean "this field may be XCB_ATOM_NONE", and is
> now roughly meaningless. Adding (or removing) altenum="Atom" to (from)
> every type="ATOM" in xcb/proto can be discussed later.
>  - I appear to have used the Canadian/British spelling of favour.
> Review welcome.
> Peter Harris

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