[Xcb] Your GSOC proposal: "Complete input support for XCB"

Arnaud Fontaine arnaud at andesi.org
Wed Apr 7 00:36:39 PDT 2010

>>>>> Christoph Reimann <chrr at arcor.de> writes:


    >  Hi, today I  stumbled upon  your GSOC  proposal concercing  XCB &
    > (keyboard) input and remembered  that a friend of mine (--> Thomas
    >  Hunger) has  done  some coding  there  a few  years  ago. I  also
    > remember him  saying that it was a really hard  thing to do though
    > ;)  I would be interested  in a somewhat  more detailed discussion
    > concerning the  current status and a short  overview of what needs
    > to  be done  to get  any kind of  XKB support  in XCB.   Thanks in
    > advance for any answers!

There  are also some  details about  porting the  Xlib functions  to XCB
(besides of XKB support I mean) there:


It's   fairly  incomplete   but   it   might  help   you   to  write   a
proposal... Please, don't hesitate to submit one!


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