[Xcb] Qlength like in xcb

Arnaud Fontaine arnaud at andesi.org
Wed Feb 3 03:17:33 PST 2010


Sorry for the late reply. I didn't see this thread ;).

>> i'm coding a simple compositing manager and i really miss something like
>> the Xlib QLength. This macro returns the length of the event queue. It is
>> really useful in a compositing manager to collect damaged areas and
redraw >> them only at the end.
> Arnaud Fontaine has already written an XCB based CM with a very good
> documentation.

I'm using a boolean stored in a global structure (`globalconf.do_repaint')
which is set to true when one of the following event is received (or when
a plugin explicitely set it to true)[0]:


In my main event loop, firstly, I call xcb_wait_for_event() to block until
an event is in the queue, then I call xcb_event_poll_for_event_loop() to
process all the events in the queue and finally I "repaint" the screen
according to the value of `do_repaint'. It is quite basic but it works
well for now (ATM my CM is far from being optimized but I will work on
that soon). Does it help?

Michele: I'm about to announce an beta release of my compositing manager,
Unagi, after this week-end but you can have a look at the website which
provides code documentation[2]. I'm also looking for contributors, so you
are welcome if you are interested ;)!


[2] http://projects.mini-dweeb.org/projects/unagi

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