[Xcb] Qlength like in xcb

comick at autistici.org comick at autistici.org
Wed Feb 3 11:38:01 PST 2010

On Wed, 3 Feb 2010 12:17:33 +0100, "Arnaud Fontaine" <arnaud at andesi.org>
> Hi,
> Sorry for the late reply. I didn't see this thread ;).
> In my main event loop, firstly, I call xcb_wait_for_event() to block
> an event is in the queue, then I call xcb_event_poll_for_event_loop() to
> process all the events in the queue and finally I "repaint" the screen
> according to the value of `do_repaint'. It is quite basic but it works
> well for now (ATM my CM is far from being optimized but I will work on
> that soon). Does it help?

I've already implemented in the same way (except the repaint forced
through the bool value, certainly useful in a pluggable cm as your).

> Michele: I'm about to announce an beta release of my compositing
> Unagi, after this week-end but you can have a look at the website which
> provides code documentation[2]. I'm also looking for contributors, so
> are welcome if you are interested ;)!

I'm about to release mine too. It was an useful exercise, but I don't
belive useful coding a new composite manager.
Rather might be a good work porting to xcb an existing composite manager.
A composite manager take real advantage from xcb model and if kwin or
compiz (or *) developer are not devoted to an xcb port a new xcb cm is a


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