[Xcb] Qlength like in xcb

Arnaud Fontaine arnaud at andesi.org
Tue Feb 9 03:09:16 PST 2010

>>>>> Michele Comignano <comick at autistici.org> writes:


    > Mmm.. I  was looking for a "composite  and only composite" manager
    > for  openbox and  cannot find  it some days  ago. There's  lack of
    > something usable in companion with a wm.

Well,  AFAIK there is  only xcompmgr,  which works  "fine" but  is quite
basic unfortunately (but it was written as a proof-of-concept).

    >  I released  my  cm  yesterday, take  a  look at  it  if you  want
    >  (announce in  this list).  It's mainly  a mess  of code  but some
    > elements should be well done.

I will definitely have a look at it, thanks. I need to figure out how to
avoid repainting the whole screen but  I haven't had time yet to look at


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