[Xcb] Qlength like in xcb

Michele Comignano comick at autistici.org
Fri Feb 5 02:49:34 PST 2010

On Thu, 4 Feb 2010 23:40:35 +0100, "Arnaud Fontaine" <arnaud at andesi.org>
> Indeed, I only know one Compositing Manager, namely xcompmgr. Kwin,
> and others are Compositing Window Managers, which is not at all the same
> thing.

You are right. They are not the same thing.

> Surely it would be interesting to port a Compositing Window Manager to
> XCB, however I'm personally more interested in a Compositing Manager as
> think something generic, which could run along any EWMH-compliant window
> manager such as Awesome (even if there will certainly be a certain
> of work to make it compliant), would be much more interesting.

Mmm.. I was looking for a "composite and only composite" manager for
openbox and cannot find it some days ago. There's lack of something usable
in companion with a wm.

> Anyway, I'm about to leave for the WE, so I will send my announcement
> afterwards ;).

I released my cm yesterday, take a look at it if you want (announce in
this list). It's mainly a mess of code but some elements should be well

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