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Thu Jul 22 13:14:01 PDT 2010

python and C).


On 21 July 2010 22:29, Ulrich Eckhardt <doomster at> wrote:
> Hi!
> I promised recently that I would be working on the looks of the generated
> sourcecode, and here are my results. I hope that the generated sources ar=
> equivalent to existing sources, at least libxcb builds without any errors=
> Since the changes are pretty extensive, I didn't bother creating a patch.=
> can still do that, or even create a series of patches in case you want to=
> Here's the list of changes made:
> =C2=A0* Avoid leading and double underscores in include guards.
> =C2=A0Macros beginning with an underscore followed by an uppercase letter
> =C2=A0or two consecutive underscores.
> =C2=A0* Clean up the mechanism to sort the output file.
> =C2=A0The output file contains types, functions and header/footer
> =C2=A0boilerplate, sort these into four arrays and use constants instead
> =C2=A0of magic numbers to reference them.
> =C2=A0* Remove various comment-placeholders.
> =C2=A0The output contained lots of empty "/**< */" comments, which were m=
> =C2=A0as placeholders for possible comments. Remove these for now, as
> =C2=A0the documentation doesn't exist and they thus only clutter the outp=
> =C2=A0* Add tags for doxygen integration.
> =C2=A0I hope this becomes better digestible for doxygen, but I didn't act=
> =C2=A0test it.
> =C2=A0* Separate and reuse code that writes the comment header
> =C2=A0This allows coding the formatting in one place, instead of repeatin=
g it
> =C2=A0over and over again. Also, it prevents inconsistencies when manuall=
> =C2=A0coding it repeatedly.
> =C2=A0* Some smaller cleanups.
> =C2=A0Superfluous spaces, a truncated comment, formatting the boilerplate=
> =C2=A0consistently with the rest etc.
> I'm open for any suggestions. Also, it would be nice if you just tried it=
> see if the code really is equivalent, just in case I missed some points.
> Uli
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