[Xcb] Patch for better error message in xcbgen

Christoph Reimann chrr at arcor.de
Fri Jun 25 05:10:05 PDT 2010

just a note: there are several more small issues like this within the
generator code -
I have fixed a number of those already, though currently only on my
private git tree.
Please keep in mind that the current xcbgen cannot handle xkb.xml, as
several tags are missing. I have written generating code for all of
those within the scope of my current GSoC, only the <switch> tag needs
some final polishing. If you want to parse xkb.xml, I can send you a
series of _preliminary_ patches over the weekend.


On 25 June 2010 13:50, Ulrich Eckhardt <doomster at knuut.de> wrote:
> Hi!
> I stumbled across an error while generating code from xkb.xml, but the error
> message was a backtrace and "Exception('XXX')", which isn't very helpful. ;)
> The attached patch replaces this with a slightly more meaningful error
> message.
> Uli
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