[Xcb] About next release of xcb/util

Julien Danjou julien at danjou.info
Tue Mar 23 03:17:28 PDT 2010

Barton C Massey <bart at cs.pdx.edu> writes:
> Makes sense, I guess.  I guess I would suggest splitting
> into
>   xcb-util: the stuff in aux and probably atom and probably event

I wonder if things in aux should not be dropped. I never used them, and
there's just crap that copy Xlib bad protocol hiding.
The code is interesting as documentation, specially for people comming
from Xlib, but I don't think it's code that should ever be used.

>   xcb-util-image: the image library
>   xcb-util-wm: the stuff in icccm and wm

xcb-util-wm has been removed.
So we should talk about xcb-util-icccm.

> I'm not sure what to do with the keysyms stuff.  It should
> maybe be its own package, or maybe be in util.

It's rather sure that keysyms will grow in the near feature, specially
because Arnaud is working on that AFAIK.

Julien Danjou
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