[Xcb] About next release of xcb/util

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Tue Mar 23 13:26:30 PDT 2010

In message <87d3yurfgv.fsf at vertex.dottedmag> you wrote:
>  >> I've already been hit by a GNOME guy because when adding XCB support
>  >> to libstartup-notification I add to link this last one to 3 xcb-util
>  >> libs (event, atom and aux). And they say it slows down the
>  >> application startup (no clue about that, I'm not an expert in this
>  >> area).
>  > The dynamic loader has been really broken in this area in the
>  > past.  IIRC it's mostly fixed now.
> Sorry for offtopic - could you give any pointers? I'm
> bitten by exactly this performance problem on smallish
> embedded device and exactly with the libraries discussed:
> Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (lot of small .so)
> backed by XCB (another set of small .so).

I no longer remember where I heard this or who told me. :-)
I know we'd talked about fixing it ourselves, and when I
heard somebody had already got there I quit thinking about
it.  As far as I know any modern version of libdl.so should
have the patches, so if it's still slow it probably hasn't
been fixed enough yet.

For embedded devices, there are worse plans than linking the
libraries together statically and then just dynamically
linking against the single resulting composite library.  It
makes upgrading an individual library a matter of replacing
or patching the big library, but other than that I know of
no real downside.


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