[Xcb] About next release of xcb/util

Arnaud Fontaine arnaud at andesi.org
Fri Mar 26 08:52:44 PDT 2010


I think  it's now  time to  sum up the  future organization  of xcb-util
which has been discussed lately. Here it is:

* xcb-util-core (only one shared library for all of them):
  + atom
    - Remove all the deprecated stuff (atoms now defined in xproto).
       - Atoms.
       - xcb_atom_get_*predefined()
       - xcb_atom_get_fast*()
    - Remove xcb_atom_get() which is synchronous and not really useful.
    - Remove xcb_atom_get_name() which is synchronous and not really
      useful, isn't it?

  + aux
    - Julien
  + event
  + reply
    - Julien

* xcb-util-wm (two shared libraries, namely icccm and ewmh):

  + icccm
    - Remove xcb_watch_* functions
    - Rename  functions   to  xcb_icccm_OLD_NAME  (rationale:   all  the
      libraries in xcb-util are prefixed according to their purpose, but
      not icccm, so  I do think it's time to  change that while xcb-util
      isn't still widely used).

  + ewmh
  + Create a  header xcb_wmh.h which contains all  the data types common
    to icccm and ewmh.

* xcb-util-keysyms (one shared library)

  I  do think  that it's  better to  keep this  as separate  and  not in
  xcb-util-core because it will soon become quite big and will depend on
  other libraries such as XKB (which should be available, hrm, soon).

* xcb-util-image (one shared library)
* xcb-util-renderutil (one shared library)

xcb-util/property is  going to  be removed as  it is synchronous  and we
don't think it's really useful. As  the code gets reviewed, we will also
define short functions as inline.

With this organization, we end up  with only 5 repositories and 6 shared
libraries (so  1/3 less than now,  which is a good  thing), great! isn't

Obviously, the current git repository  will be backup and make available
as xcb-util-old  (or whatever  the name), so  it can still  provide some
examples while the documentation gets completed...


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