[Xcb] _Problems_ in GSoC, 2011

vikash agrawal vikashagrawal1990 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 15:12:24 PDT 2011

Hello Everyone,

Finally, first month of my GSoC has been over and it was surely full of up's
and down's. So far I have understood the complex code generation involving
various cases, complex types etc over the past. And I guess this was the
perfect way to start to my project as this gave me a fair idea of  any hacks
that I try to bring in the code. [ Thanks Josh for suggesting me this way
start my work on the project ]

Also it has been long I am trying to patch a bug, I had several discussion
with pharris ( I apologise for pestering you so much ) over the same. I am
still studying c_client.py and a quick glance of it reveals
'_c_serialize_helper_insert_  function', with context being sizeof, is
responsible for xcb_str_sizeof in xproto.c. So I believe this might need
some hacks.
Also, if I am not wrong there is a problem with xcb_str_next with respect
master and 1.7, but for this I have a very n00b and basic idea like if
self.c_next_name == 'xcb_str_next': # and then necessary conditions of
_c('whatever'); might solve the purpose. If this feels a way then can we
specifically do the same for other buggy issues.

Along with this, can there be a way in which I can find if the type is a
string and then explicitly handle the padding,
Please help me on the bug :(

Also many a time I felt this weird issue, if I try to print any variable in
c_client.py,the output came only for a couple of files like xkb.xml and one
or two more, also whenever I tried to have _c(printf('blah blah'); ) I
recvied hell lot of warnings

Finally, if I make some hacks, how do I finally test the code, if things
went right or not.

Expecting a reply very soon :)

And wish me luck, 1st assessment a week away and I am damn scared, this
being my first GSoC and a project at this scale


Vikash Agrawal
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